Jam and Jelly and other delicious things to go on your bread. These are all hand made with either home grown or organic produce, in small batches.

Rhubarb and Vanilla

Scented yet tangy, this is superb with brioche, or use to perk up plain greek yoghurt as a quick pud.

Ingredients: Garden rhubarb, organic sugar, Fair trade vanilla

Lemon Curd

Perfect on hot toast, or for an easy luxury pudding, swirl through whipped double cream, add crumbled meringues and freeze in a lined loaf tin – incredible ice cream!

Ingredients: Organic lemon zest and juice, organic sugar, free range garden eggs, organic butter.


Paddington’s sandwiches would be very classy made with Quangle Wangle bread and marmalade – too good to keep under his hat, I suspect!

Ingredients: Seville oranges, lemon juice, organic sugar, water.

Crab Apple Jelly

Amber like in its’ glowing colour, this jelly is simply delicious with hot and cold meats, or even in cheese sandwiches. It’s also gorgeous sitting on a sunny window sill – essence of an English autumn.

Ingredients: Garden crab apples, water and organic sugar.

Blackberry and Apple Jam

There is nothing quite like the flavour of blackberry. Warm and comforting and with a purple colour that cannot help but inspire amazement at nature. Garden apples are the foundation for this heavenly jam giving depth and structure.

Ingredients: Wild blackberries, garden apples, organic suga and water.

Also available:

Raspberry and Recurrant Jam, Crab Apple and Chilli Jelly and Gooseberry and Apple Jam.