We all know that a little of what you fancy does you good. Based on that premise, eating any of these will definitely give you a boost!


This is ‘rich man’s brioche’ made with flour, egg, butter, sugar, yeast and salt – it is light and luxurious without being too sweet and cakey. I wish I was a poet and could describe eating this with your morning coffee, but I’m not, so you’ll just have to take it from me that it will seriously improve your coffee!

Ingredients: Organic French T65 flour, organic butter, organic eggs, organic sugar, organic salt, yeast

Croissant and Pain au Chocolat

These seeming staples of the Petit Dejeneur are hand made from start to finish with plenty of lovely butter. There are two versions of Pain au Chocolat – the original, with Green and Black’s 70% cocoa dark chocolate, and the slightly smaller Pain au Chocolat Enfant with G &B’s silky milk chocolate. Available ready to eat or frozen, ready for you to defrost and bake at home.

Ingredients: Organic French T65 flour, organic butter, organic egg, organic sugar, organic milk, water, organic salt, yeast (and organic chocolate)


Named after the girl who inspired it, this is white bread with nuggets of milk chocolate improving every slice. The perfect tea time treat, toasted and buttered after a long day at school/ in the garden/ nursing a broken heart.

Ingredients: Organic stoneground strong white flour, Montezuma’s organic couverture milk chocolate, organic sunflower oil, yeast, organic sea salt and water.