pobble and milkQuangle Wangle Foods is a small company with strong beliefs. We all have principles, and these ones apply to my jams, jellies and breads…

· food should look good, taste good and do you good
· ingredients will be sourced locally where possible
· ingredients will be organically produced where possible
· plastic packaging is not good for bread (or landfill sites)
· you should be able to pronounce the ingredients in your food

So, the majority of my flour is milled 4 miles away by Stoate and Sons in Cann, Dorset. I use Good Energy as an electricity supplier, I won’t supply you with a plastic bag for your food, my jam jars are re-used and their hats are cut from used flour sacks – if I can source Fairtrade ingredients I do.

I will happily tell you what is in your food and why – there’s nothing to hide.