These are people and places that Quangle Wangle Foods has links with!
quangle wangle bread
Bishopston Trading –
Suppliers of the fabulous fair trade organic Quangle Wangle Aprons

Ludwell Stores –
Suppliers of fabulous QW breads!

De-Liz Delicatessen –
Suppliers of fabulous QW breads!

Stoate Flour, Cann –
Most of my flour comes from here

Juliet Stallwood Cakes and Biscuits –
Fellow Semley artisan maker of special yummy things
source of Quangle Wangle Foods’ electricity.

Kitchens Cookshop
A fab source of kitchen kit – my trusty jam pan came from Kitchens…
Real Bread logo

The campaign group that champions Real Bread and would love to see transparent labelling on mass produced loaves.