In order to keep my business interesting, not all the breads I make will always be available! Some lines are seasonal and others wax and wane in their popularity – I’ve discovered you all like a change now and then. Please contact me if you’re making a journey for a particular bread and I can tell you if I’m baking it at the moment.
quangle wangle bread
Quangle Wangle Foods are available from Semley Village Stores on a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday.

I am also happy to bake to private order, either for your family freezer, or for a special event. Minimum quantities apply.

The easiest way to be in touch is to drop me an email –

Otherwise, you can try phoning 01747 830174, but when the dough is up to my elbows I can’t always press the buttons on the phone!

Quangle Wangle Foods is: Mrs Jemma Morgan, The Rectory, Semley. SP7 9AU